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Community Engagement for Disability and Aging Research (CEDAR) Midwest

A man and a woman in manual wheelchairs hold on to the back of a man's power wheelchair as he gives them a ride down a city sidewalk

The aging of a population with disabilities poses challenges for community agencies that have traditionally addressed either aging or disability services, but not both. We hope to address this gap in services through a series of projects bringing together organizations that serve the aging population (e.g., Area Agencies on Aging), organizations that serve people with disabilities (e.g., Centers for Independent Living), and researchers in aging and disability to meet the needs of people aging with disabilities who live in the community.

CEDAR Midwest is a Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project (DRRP) that consists of four separate but interrelated research projects. We aim to work with community members to translate, adapt and evaluate evidence-based interventions to improve independence and community participation for people aging with long-term physical disabilities.