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Activity Participation Infographic

Check out the latest infographic from Year 1 of our longitudinal cohort study, which shows how participants evaluate the amount of time they are spending in various activities. Note that there is some overlap in the activities that participants think they do too much, not enough, or the the right amount, including employment–which was in the top five of each category! These data show some areas where researchers and organizations can find ways to help people aging with long-term physical disabilities maximize their time doing the things they want to do and also underscore the importance of customizing interventions to the individual and their unique situation.

Longitudinal Study People Aging with Long-Term Disabilities. Participants wanted to spend more time on physical activity (63.2%), community leisure (49.3%), civic or religious activities (41.3%), social activities/helping others (40.4%), and employment. Participants wanted to spend less time on managing medical conditions (15.8%), interior household chores (13.7%), personal leisure (11.2%), exterior household chores (9.1%), and employment (3.6%). Participants said they spend the right amount of time on managing medical conditions (73.7%), personal leisure (71.2%), civic and religious activities (57.1%), social activities/helping others (57.1%), and employment (55.8%).
Participants’ evaluation of their time spent in various activities
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