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The Participation in Activity Domains Screening Tool (PADS): A Tool to Measure Participation

We developed the PADS for community-based organizations to assess participation, including how it may change over time, in nine domains (e.g., exercise, employment, social activities, household chores) for people aging with physical disability. We also used the tool in our longitudinal cohort study of health and participation for people aging with long-term physical disability. In our study, participants generally had high levels or participation, but they were unsatisfied with the amount of time they were spending in some domains. Respondents said that improved health, transportation, environmental modifications, and assistive technology would help improve their participation.

The PADS is a set of questions about participation in nine everyday activities. We designed the tool to be easy for community-based organizations to use when assessing services needs for clients aging with disability. Check out our infographic describing the PADS and our study, as well as our peer-reviewed paper and plain-language summary!

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