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Longitudinal study of people aging with long-term physical disabilities: Falls and Participation. Background. In the US, falls are the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury leading to death for all ages. More than one in four older adults fall each year. People with early- and midlife-onset of physical disability are also at risk for falls. Information about falling and people aging with long-term physical disability is limited. We surveyed 474 people aging with long-term physical disability (between 45 and 65 years) to: determine the prevalence of falls, fall-related injury, and fear of falling; examine relationships between falls and health conditions; and explore the relationship between falls and community participation. Results. Falls, Injuries, and fear of falling: 65% reported having fallen in the previous year. 74% reported a fear of falling. Of participants who reported a fall, 56% were injured and 40% went to the emergency department.

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