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Kerri Morgan, PhD, OTR/L ATP

Kerri Morgan
Kerri Morgan, PhD, OTR/L ATP

Kerri Morgan, PhD, OTR/L ATP, has a master’s degree in occupational therapy from Washington University and a Ph.D. in Movement Science from Washington University. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Program in Occupational Therapy and Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine. The focus of her clinical and research career has been to generate empirical knowledge helpful for guiding rehabilitation to improve the participation of people with lower limb mobility impairments once they have been discharged from rehabilitation and are living in the community.

Morgan’s work has ranged from community-based studies to basic mechanistic studies focused on preventing secondary conditions and improving overall health. Her work has included development of a device for manual wheelchair training and exercise programs, and development of manual wheelchair propulsion training interventions and testing protocols to test cardiorespiratory endurance for manual wheelchair users.

Morgan helped develop and test standardized measures that assess a person’s quality of participation in major life activities and the environmental facilitators and barriers that influence participation. Additionally, she has been a driving force behind the creation of a community-based program housed in a local Independent Living Center that provides services for people with disabilities. She is also an avid wheelchair athlete and has been a member of both the U.S. National Rugby Team (2009) and the U.S. Paralympic Track team (2007-present).

Morgan’s main role on this project is leading a community-based, multi-disciplinary longitudinal study that identifies changing needs, areas for potential intervention, and overall participation patterns for persons aging with long-term disability.