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Chen, S.-W., Somerville, E., Devine, M., Stark, S. (2022). A protocol for removing environmental barriers to independent living (REBIL): An adapted evidence-based occupational therapy intervention to increase community participation for individuals aging with long-term physical disabilities. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 03080226221126901.

This paper describes the development of REBIL, an intervention to reduce barriers to participation and prevent falls for people aging with long-term physical disabilities, and the protocol for a randomized controlled trial to test the intervention.

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Chen, S.-W., Rice, S., Storey, K., Keglovits, M., Devine, M., Yan, Y., Stark, S., (2022). COVID-19: Factors associated with depressive symptoms in people aging with long-term physical disabilities. OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health, 15394492221107557.

This paper describes factors associated with depressive symptoms for participants of our longitudinal cohort study during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Putnam, M., Morgan, K., Heeb,. R., Yan, Y., Chen, S.-W., Stark, S. L. (2022). Aging with disability symptoms and ability to participate in, and satisfaction with, social participation among persons aged 45–64. Healthcare, 10(5), 903.

This paper describes relationships between symptoms and participation from Years 1 and 3 of our longitudinal cohort study.

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Morgan, K. A., Putnam, M., Espin-Tello, S. M., Keglovits, M., Campbell, M., Yan, Y., Wehmeier, A., & Stark, S. Aging with long-term physical disability: Cohort analysis of survey sample in the U.S. [version 1: peer review: awaiting peer review]. F1000Research, 11, 68

This paper describes the social, demographic, health and participation data from Year 1 of our longitudinal cohort study.

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Chen, S.-W., Keglovits, M., Devine, M., Stark, S. Sociodemographic differences in respondent preferences for survey formats: Sampling bias and potential threats to external validity. (2022). Archives of Rehabilitation Research and Clinical Translation, 4(1), 1001.

This paper describes an analysis of data from Year 2 of our longitudinal cohort study. This analysis explores relationships between participant characteristics and their choice of phone or web-based survey.

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Heeb, R., Putnam, M., Keglovits, M., Weber, C., Campbell, M., Stark, S., & Morgan, K. Factors influencing participation among adults aging with long-term physical disability. (2021). Disability and Health Journal, 15(1), 101169.

This paper presents qualitative data from Year 1 of our longitudinal cohort sturdy. People aging with long-term physical disabilities responded to open-ended questions about their health and participation.

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Minor, B. C., Dashner, J., Espin-Tello, S. M., Bollinger, R., Keglovits, M., Stowe, J., Campbell, M., & Stark, S. L. (2020). Development and implementation of a community-based research network. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, 1-24.

This paper describes the development of our community-based research network connecting researchers and community organizations to explore the participation needs of people who are aging with disabilities.

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Dashner, J., Espin-Tello, S. M., Snyder, M., Hollingsworth, H., Keglovits, M., Campbell, M. L., Putnam, M., & Stark, S. Examination of community participation of adults with disabilities: Comparing age and disability onset. Journal of Aging and Health, 31(10_suppl): 169s-194s.

This paper explored community participation between adults 50 years and younger compared to those over age 50, as well as between persons with early (age 40 years or younger) or later (over age 40) onset of disability.

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