Project 1: Develop a Community-Based Research Network

What is this project about?

People with disabilities often rely on long-term support services to remain independent. Long-term support services are delivered as part of a fragmented system of Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) and Centers for Independent Living (CILs).

We know that formalized networks of community-based providers are able to improve access and delivery of services. Creating a formalized network of AAAs and CILs, such as a CBRN) may help increase communication and reduce gaps in service delivery.

Project Aims

  • Aim 1: Establish a regional CBRN consisting of a mix of CILS and AAAs that represent urban and rural communities and serve a diverse population.
  • Aim 2: Conduct an inaugural cohort research study in the CBRN of the barriers to and facilitators of community participation (see Project 2).
  • Aim 3: Build research capacity and facilitate the translation of evidence for CILs and AAAs.

Status: In progress